An approachable but formal brand for an expanding education organisation.


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Client: Oxfordshire Recovery College

Work Complete: 

  • Logo Design

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Typography, colours, visual language, Iconography

  • Visual Elements and Concept

  • Print Design and Templates


The Challenge

The Oxfordshire Recovery College needed an approachable brand for their organisation. It needed to link to their old logo but needed to be modernised. 


The Solution

We developed the new logo and mark to be used in different ways. One key element was the choice to have a gradient colour scheme across all artwork and branding. This was chosen to show the progression from one state to another and also show the progression of learning. All this combined with clear and friendly typography creates a modern but accessible brand. 

The Logo
Clean and simple was key, as the name of the college is quite long. The rounded shape is recognisable from afar.

The Mark
The mark plays homage to the old logo referencing the hill and road (visible on slide one, right). It was a way that existing users of the organisations could still recognise the old brand whilst also drastically updating it.



The Reulo team undertook a full rebrand for us in 2018, and the results are fantastic! We're an unusual charitable organisation, in that all decisions need to be co-produced by our entire team of staff and tutors, many of whom have their own lived experience of mental health problems. Harvey and his team managed an in-depth consultation process sensitively and with understanding, and really adapted the work to the detailed feedback we provided. They created a very refreshed look for us - modernising our image, whilst retaining the welcoming and gentle ethos our Students value. 

Final Logo (Above), Slides from the Brand Guidelines (Below) 

Final Logo (Above), Slides from the Brand Guidelines (Below)