A revamping of the club's logo and design of all print design for consistency.


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Client: Langley Tennis Club

Work Complete: 

  • Logo Design

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Typography, colours, visual language, Iconography

  • Print Design and Templates

  • Over 25 pieces of print design to ensure consistency


The Challenge

Langley Tennis Club wanted to cement itself as the leading club in the area so wanted to formalise it's visual language. We got involved to evolve their logo to a more defined version and develop a clear and formal visual language around the designs they currently had in place. One main challenge was keeping everything consistent for all documents required by the club including everything from leaflets and posters through the the welcome pack received by new members. 


The Solution

We got to work on taking all we could from the old logo and refining it to a more formalised version. We also then careful developed a formal colour scheme and brought in the gold for the crown. All of this combined by some common design motifs that carry throughout the designs (the crown footer, chequered backgrounds and curved corner piece) ensured we had a consistent and high-end looking brand aesthetic. 

We worked closely with Langley Tennis Club for months to complete version of all documentation they need and use on a daily basis, moving on to help with signage and interior design as well as produce a video for them. The video can be found here.

Final Logo (Above), Slides from the Brand Guidelines (Below) 

Final Logo (Above), Slides from the Brand Guidelines (Below)